Workshop 2018

The objective of the SEED workshops is to provide training to the instructors who are interested in using SEED labs in their courses. During the workshops, instructors will work on the SEED labs that they are interested in, with the help from us. We will also share with the instructors our experience in using these SEED labs. Each year, we hold two workshops at Syracuse University. The 2018 workshops will be held in the following days:

  • May 30 (Wednesday) - June 2 (Saturday), 2018: We start the first workshop on Wednesday because Monday is a holiday. Those who have to leave on Friday should feel free to do so.

  • June 4 (Monday) - June 7 (Thursday), 2018.
  • New: Here is the tentative agenda.

We will accept a total of 90 participants for the workshops (45 for each). The participants' travel costs (up to a certain limit) will be covered by our grant. The selection will be done based on several criteria, including coverage, diversity, and needs.

  • New: The Application is now closed, because all 90 seats are filled.
  • Our grant can only cover the participants from US-based schools. If you are not from US or not an instructor, we may accept your application if seats are still available, but you have to pay for your own travel and hotel (the workshop will still be free). In the last 3 years, we had a few self-sponsored international participants.

  • Due to the limitation of funds, those who have already attended our last two years' workshops will not be eligible to apply. Those who attended the 2015 workshops are eligible to apply, but preferences will be given to new participants.

  • Participants are expected to bring their own computers, which need to have VirtualBox software installed. The minimum requirement of RAM is 4GB. For the Android security labs, 64-bit computer is required.