Partnering with Textbook Authors and Publishers

We welcome textbook authors and publishers to adopt our labs in their books, so instructors who use their books can assign our SEED labs to students. To facilitate this, we have created the following documents for authors and publishers who are interested. Please contact Wenliang Du ( if you are interested in such a partnership.
  • Mapping to Textbooks: We have mapped SEED labs to the chapters of 7 textbooks on Computer Security.
  • Summary of SEED Labs: We have created this summary document for textbook authors to include in their books. Permission is granted to authors and publishers to include this entire document (or part of it) in their books or online resources, as long as the copyright statement is included.

Established Partnerships

We have already partnered with the following textbook. We are in the process of working with several other textbook authors.
  • Introduction to Computer Security by Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia. Several SEED labs are linked to the web site of the textbook (follow the "Projects" link).