Virtual Machine Software (VirtualBox)

Install the free VirtualBox. Our pre-built VM images can be used by both VMWare and VirtualBox. Here are some instructions for VirtualBox:

Pre-built Virtual Machine Images (Ubuntu)

For your covenience, we have built VM images that you can and use. All the necessary tools, software, and libraries are already installed in this VM. If you have a trouble downloading the image, feel free to send an email to, and we will help you get it.

  • New: This VM was built in February 2018. It is still in the beta-testing stage. The VM is quite stable at this point, but several labs developed for SEEDUbunt12.04 still need to be revised (mostly are minor revision). So, keep this in mind if you use this VM for SEED labs (if a lab is verified on this new VM, the lab description will state that; otherwise, there is no guarantee).
    • Download the image from the following server :
    • User Manual: includes the account and password information, list of software and servers installed, and configuration.
    • Unzip and you should be able to see a folder. Follow the this document to load the image into VirtualBox.