Virtual Machine Software (VirtualBox)

Install the free VirtualBox. Our pre-built VM images can be used by both VMWare and VirtualBox. Here are some instructions for VirtualBox:

Pre-built Virtual Machine Images (Ubuntu)

For your covenience, we have built VM images that you can and use. All the necessary tools, software, and libraries are already installed in this VM. If you have a trouble downloading the image, feel free to send an email to, and we will help you get it.

The current VM version is Ubuntu 12.04. We are currently testing a new VM based on Ubuntu 16.04. Once we are satisfied with the testing result, we will make it available.

  • This VM is built in Jaunary 2016.
    • Download the image from the following server (the MD5 checksum of the file is 6ec9c429a2f4a9163530ada20f0621dc):
    • User Manual: includes the account and password information, list of software and servers installed, and configuration.
    • VM Customization: Some labs require multiple VMs; to help you easily identify which VMs you are in, you can do some simple customization. You need to download this file ( as well

For Minix-based labs

Some of the SEED labs (not many) are based on the Minix operating system. You should get the Minix 3 VM image from its official web site.