Developing Instructional Laboratories for Computer SEcurity EDucation

Documents Developed by Us

These documents are developed by the PI, co-PIs, and their students.

Operating System

  1. How to add a new system call in Minix 3, by Karthick Jayaraman.
  2. How is a system call invoked in Minix 3, by Mingdong Shang and Wenliang Du.
  3. Three process tables in Minix 3, by Mingdong Shang.
  4. How to manipulate the Inode data structure, by Karthick Jayaraman.


  1. How to talk to the inet server in Minix 3, by Jinkai Gao.
  2. Explaination of how inet works in Minix 2, by Mingdong Shang.
  3. Buffer management in inet, by Lin Huang.
  4. Netwox/Netwag guides, by Sridhar Iyer.
  5. Gateway-to-Gateway Network Configuration for VPNs, by Lin Huang.
  6. Building Socket Libraries for TCP/UDP Programs in Minix by Ronghua Wang and Bandan Das.

Documents Developed by Others

These documents are developed by other people, we only provide a link to their sites.

Operating System

  1. Programming in the MINIX 3 environment.


  1. Minix Network Service Documentation
    (This web site offers a line-by-line analysis of the network service for Minix, version 2.0.4).
  2. Minix Networking Documentation, by Charlie Wong.