Workshop Location

The workshop will be hosted in Link Hall (Room 369) at Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York). The accommodation for the attending instructors will be close to the venue. Please refer the following map (use the top-left button in the map to explore locations):

Accommodation & Meals Arrangement

International participants need to cover their own living costs. For domestic participating instructors (within the US), we will cover the living and meal expenses during their attendance at the workshop. The arrangement will be made at one of the dorms on Syracuse University campus. Linen packets containing pillow, blanket, sheet and towels will be provided. The bathroom will be shared. We will book the dorm for you from the day before 1st day of the workshop, till morning after last day. This will allow you to arrive the day before the start of workshop, and leave the morning after the workshop ends. Your meals will be arranged at the Ernie Davis hall dining center, which will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In case you choose to not live in the dorm, you will need to cover your hotel expenses. Please refer map for nearby hotels (Sheraton and Skyler).

Travel Options

You can choose to travel to Syracuse by air, train, bus or car.
  • By Air: Destination will be Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) (SYR Airport)
  • By Train: Destination will be Amtrak station code SYR (SYR Train Station)
  • By Bus: Greyhound bus station at Syracuse shares the building with the Amtrak station (Syracuse Greyhound)

Travel Reimbursement

International participants need to cover their own travel costs. Travel costs for domestic participants (within the US) to/from Syracuse will be reimbursed based on the following reimbursement policies:
  1. If traveling by air/train/bus, only the Economy/Coach class will be reimbursed.
  2. Maximum reimbursement amount for travel cost (flight, train, bus, or car) is $600 for participants coming from the Eastern Time Zone, and $1000 for the rest. Limits for participants from Hawaii and Alaska will be increased based on the needs. If the limit is not feasible for your case, you can send us your request, and we can make exceptions if requests are reasonable.
  3. It should be noted that the above limit is NOT an allowance. If the typical travel cost from a participant's home is $500, but the participant thinks he/she still have $500 more to spend, so he/she decides to use a more expensive option and spends $950 (e.g. book a more expensive flight or drive a very long distance to Syracuse), we will only reimburse $500, even though the participant is within the limit.
  4. According to the university policy, trips in personal vehicles over 500 miles one way must be approved in advance of travel. Travelers should consider air, rail, or car rental alternatives if they are less expensive options before using their personal vehicles for long distance travel. If a participant needs to use personal vehicle, because he/she needs to go somewhere else after the workshop, we will only reimburse up to 500 miles each way.
  5. Our university does not allow us to reimburse you for the entire trip if during your trip to Syracuse, you stay in a 3rd place (other than the departure city and Syracuse) for longer than a day, unless the stay is caused by unexpected flight changes.
  6. Incidentals costs (e.g. soap, shampoo, drink, etc.) won't be covered.
  7. If you fly into the Syracuse airport, you can take a Taxi to the dorm (cost is about $35, and will be reimbursed). Rental car will not be reimbursed.
  8. Meals on the travel day will be reimbursed, you need to send us original receipts to get reimbursement. We will not use per diem option.
  9. In case you are driving, your parking cost at Syracuse University will be covered. The only requirement is that we will need some details about your licence and car at a certain date (will be notified by email). If information is not received when requested, then you will have to cover your parking expense.

We will provide more details during the workshop on how reimbursement will be processed.