Some Useful Algorithms





These are some of the algorithm source code that you can download freely and use. They are quite handy and feel free to explore them.

§         AES Algorithm  [C source Code]

§         DES Algorithm  [C Source Code]

§         Triple DES Algorithm(3DES)  [C Source Code]

§         MD5 (Message Digest) Hashing Algorithm  [C Source Code]

Steps for Running AES in Minix.

§         Copy the files rijndael-alg-fst.h and rijndael-api-fst.h into smx/include directory.

§         Both the encrypt and decrypt would be called from the smx/src/lib/encrypt directory, which is the library for the encrypt and decrypt functions

§         Write an application level program which reads the file and calls the encrypt and decrypt functions, I have created a sample format, this is only a reference where i show the important encrypt and decrypt functions. This is only a prototype code that will not compile. You would need a sample user level program to mount your EFS but this program is not needed for your implementation, but you would get an idea of which functions you would need to call demo.c (Prototype code)

§         sunread the demo application program in minix and create a test.txt file and run demo.