Grading Criteria

Grading an app is very different from grading other computer science projects. Just like gymnastics, diving, and figure skating, judging an app is inherently subjective. To make the grading as fair as possible, we learned from the ISU Judging System, which is the scoring system currently used to judge most of the events in figure skating competition. Here is the system that we developed.

  • Criteria: The scoring criteria document will be posted to Piazza.
  • Judge Panel: The Judging panel is composed of 2-3 judges, including the professor, TA, and invited guests.


The final project can be a group project, with up to 2 people in each group. The number of people in the group will not be considered during the grading. Therefore, a single-person group has an inherent disadvantage compared to a two-person group. Since you have a choice, if you decide to work alone, you acknowledge and accept this risk.

App Ideas

In terms of project ideas, you are encouraged to come up with your own ideas. However, if your app is too simple, you are not going to get a good grade, even if it is perfect and can make millions of dollars. Just use figure skating as an analogy: you can finish a flawless and beautiful routine, but still receive low score, because the difficulty of your routine is low. Therefore, choose an app idea that has a reasonable difficulty level.


There are three major milestones for the final project, each is assigned a grade.

  • The idea of the app: You should first come up with an idea for your app. You can discuss your ideas with me if you want.
  • The detailed UI design: You should submit a design document to describe how your apps will be designed. You should strictly follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) model in your design. In your document, you should clearly describe the design of each element: model, view, and controller. For the view part (i.e., the UI), you need to use tools to draw the prototypes of your app's user interfaces.
  • Final submission and demonstration: see the section below.

Final Presentations (on 8/15)

Each group will be given 10 minutes to present and demonstrate their apps to the professor and TA. If you take this class from online, you need to record a 10-minute presentation/demonstration, and upload the video to Blackboard. Your grade will be based on this demo. After watching your video, we will set up a time to ask you additional questions. All groups need to submit their apk file and source code